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“WiFi SPARK made it easy from start to finish, working with us by designing our customer landing portal and helping us integrate with the current wireless hardware deployed at Bar One Racing to provide us with fast, easy and customer friendly WiFi."

John Moore IT Manager, Bar One Racing

Our Solution

Upon realising the value that could be added by a personalised WiFi solution, Bar One Racing began approaching various providers for inspiration and quotes in early 2018. A process that WiFi SPARK has become accustomed to with over a decade and a half of experience is understanding the unique needs of each customer and finding the WiFi SPARK solution that suits for a price that fits. 

Triumphing over competitors to win the deal with Bar One Racing because of the lower costs, premium solution and managed service, WiFi SPARK began working to design a solution that met the needs of Bar One Racing and that of their customers. 

Already having their own WiFi connection, Bar One Racing was looking solely for the User Experience (UX) solution that has become a staple of any WiFi SPARK provision. 

WiFi SPARK developed a one-click, customised portal that greets visitors to the sites when they wish to connect to the WiFi, and redirects them to the Bar One Racing website after doing so. 

The WiFi SPARK content management system (CMS) enables complete control over the design and theme of the UX, allowing Bar One Racing to edit the portal concept to coincide with key events such as the Grand National or World Cup. 

The solution also ensures that all customers using the WiFi are over the age of 18 through a tick-box clarification on the UX.

Running alongside the solution is constant monitoring from WiFi SPARK 24 / 7 / 365. In the unlikely event that an issue arises, the team are able to identify and rectify, often before the customer would be aware there was an issue. 

Parallel to this, WiFi SPARK proudly provides a round the clock UK based Service Desk for end user support: the Service Desk remains on hand for any queries or questions the Bar One Racing or its customers may have. Working in tandem, the monitoring and Service Desk allow Bar One Racing to play a back seat role and focus on their own priorities, never having to worry about their WiFi solution. 


A solution that has seen

100,000+ active sessions over the last year

The Value

By implementing a SPARK® solution, Bar One Racing has been able to increase the overall dwell time of its customers by offering a digital service, encouraging users to engage online and access their accounts on their phones. 

In creating a WiFi experience for its customers, Bar One Racing encourages the social aspect that has been lost since the introduction of at-home betting sites. That in itself opens the opportunity for an increase in revenue. 

More than just WiFi

The UX itself provides Bar One Racing with the opportunity to increase brand awareness, encourage loyalty and build a rapport with its customer base: it works to provide a premium stopping point that best advertises the brand.

As a large chunk of the solution has been in place amid coronavirus restrictions in Ireland, usage will continue to grow as shops begin to re-open providing renewed opportunities for advertisement. 

Bar One Racing Phone Taking Pictures

"The support has been excellent and the provisioning of new sites has been made simple with the WiFi SPARK Service Desk; every query has been quickly answered meaning that our customers have been able to enjoy hassle-free free WiFi in every Bar One Racing shop - all thanks to WiFi SPARK. We would be happy to recommend WiFi SPARK to anyone waiting to implement WiFi access services."  - John Moore, IT Manager, Bar One Racing

History of Bar One Racing

Bar One Racing is one of Ireland's leading independent bookmakers. Founded in 1994 by company director, Barney O'Hare, Bar One Racing was predominantly based in the North East of Ireland. In recent years the company has expanded over the rest of Ireland, it now operates over 50 shops across the country and employs a workforce of over 100. 

A fast-growing bookmaking firm striving to compete at the highest level in the industry, Bar One Racing operates betting shops, tele-betting and on-course services. The company's heart lies in providing customers with a premium service enabling them to stake wagers at their leisure with the aid of knowledgeable staff.

The Future

Since introducing its own app, the future is likely to see a focus of the Bar One Racing app being marketed through the UX. 

WiFi SPARK's analytics software could be utilised across the Bar One Racing sites to further increase the value taken from the WiFi. By interpreting the data collected by SPARK® Analytics such as duration of dwell time, the highs and lows of customer flow throughout the day, or the amount of footfall and then align that data with an event, initiative or specific marketing campaign, Bar One Racing would be able to better inform its marketing decisions in aspects as simple as popular or unpopular window displays. 

Furthermore, by perhaps changing from a one-click to a data-click portal and requesting that customers register, Bar One Racing would have a renewed way of connecting with and marketing to their customer base. 

With the WiFi SPARK CRM being completely customisable and amenable at any point, Bar One Racing are able to easily refresh and revitalise. 

After several years of implementing a WiFi SPARK solution, the future is bright for Bar One Racing, who continue to provide a premium WiFi experience for their customers across Ireland.

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