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A WiFi SPARK Webinar

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Not too long ago we were lucky enough to host our first webinar. There has been a lot of activity over at WiFi SPARK recently, in 2020 we were taken under the wing of Volaris Group, the international business acquisition specialists, and we have since gone from strength to strength.  

In November of 2021, Volaris went on to acquire Hospedia. Being our biggest competitor in the patient engagement market for over a decade, the acquisition has enabled us to pool our resources and knowledge to be able to encourage digital transformation and patient engagement strategy across the NHS on a larger scale than ever before.  

As a new unified team, we thought the best way to translate our new initiatives, show how they’ll benefit the industry, and give healthcare professionals the opportunity to ask questions, was through a short webinar.  

WiFi SPARK Acquires Hospedia - is this the end of legacy patient entertainment?

Led by WiFi SPARK CEO, Matt O’Donovan, and former Hospedia Managing Director now WiFi SPARK Chief Products Officer, Jason Cooper, the two were able to demonstrate the thinking behind the acquisition and lay out an extremely exciting three-year plan for free at the point of use entertainment in the NHS.  

The two company leaders were able to find humour in their years of competition and showcase the respect that they have developed for each other and will channel into achieving their common goal of making a lasting difference to the lives of millions of patients, visitors, and staff in the healthcare industry.  

The presentation was interspersed with testimonies from two customers and friends, Mark Bostock, former Director of IM&T at University Hospitals of North Midlands, and Nick Penlington, Head of ICT at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Backing the vision and discussing the benefits it will bring to their Trusts, the gentlemen were able to provide an NHS perspective on the transformation. 

Three lasting points presented that this may be the end of legacy patient entertainment, but it is just the beginning of a beneficial change in patient engagement.  

  • Free entertainment to patients – working with Charities and Trusts we can ensure that no patient pays for entertainment again 
  • Unified infrastructure – Be smart with our technology, use existing infrastructure to build on and save costs 
  • Make a difference to people’s lives  

The presentation is available to watch on-demand now via the link  

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