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WiFi SPARK sets sights on accelerated growth with sale to Volaris Group

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September 14, 2020 - EXETER, UK


WiFi SPARK today announced that it has completed the process to be acquired by Volaris Group. Volaris (www.volarisgroup.com) is an operating group within the broader parent Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) (https://www.csisoftware.com/). CSI is a Canadian-listed company providing market-leading software and services to a variety of industries worldwide. Formed in 1995, CSI acquires, strengthens, and grows vertical market software companies.


WiFi SPARK is the leading specialist in public-access WiFi solutions for large public venues in the UK market. It specialises in WiFi for the Healthcare, Retail and Transportation sectors with over half of the NHS Acute Trusts choosing WiFi SPARK for their WiFi and patient entertainment requirements. 

Matt O’Donovan, founder and CEO of WiFi SPARK commented, “We have a portfolio of customers to whom we are providing exceptional WiFi, analytics and entertainment services delighting millions of users each day. I chose Volaris for this acquisition because they have the experience to help us to accelerate our growth, provide additional resources and opportunities to both strengthen and expand our offering and market presence. I particularly like their unique ‘buy and hold forever’ approach to acquisition and we look forward to exciting times ahead.”


WiFi SPARK will continue to operate autonomously under the leadership of Matt O’Donovan and the WiFi SPARK Management team.


“With a rich heritage of innovation, and a passion for using technology to improve the lives and experiences of their users, WiFi SPARK is a great addition to the Volaris Group family,” said Robert Turner, Group Leader at Volaris Group. “We look forward to working with Matt and the entire WiFi SPARK team to supplement their domain expertise with Volaris Group best practices in an effort to help them achieve their ambitious growth goals.”


About Volaris Group


Volaris acquires, strengthens and grows vertical market technology companies. As an Operating Group of Constellation Software Inc., Volaris is all about strengthening businesses within the markets they compete and enabling them to grow – whether that growth comes through organic measures such as new initiatives and product development, day-to-day business, or through complementary acquisitions. Learn more at www.volarisgroup.com and http://www.volarisgroup.com/comms.  


About WiFi SPARK


WiFi SPARK is the leading specialist in public-access WiFi solutions for large public venues in the UK market. The company is the owner and developer of the unique SPARK ® Platform which delivers the most flexible, feature-rich and scalable solution for guest-access WiFi, analytics and digital entertainment services on the market today. Learn more at www.wifispark.com



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