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SPARK® Media Launches New Selection of Games for Hospital Patients

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SPARK® Media is unlike any other offering in the market of visitor entertainment. Bringing joy and amusement to over 80 NHS Trusts across the UK, WiFi SPARK’s SPARK® Media brings together television, radio, digitised magazines and newspapers, and much, much more to one dashboard accessible via the guest-access WiFi of a venue.    


But that’s not it. WiFi SPARK strives to continuously update its offering to ensure everyone can find an entertainment solution that fits them, and the newest addition welcomes a library of virtual games to the platform.    


Partnering with an international media titan, WiFi SPARK is proud to premiere a selection of games from classics such as battleships to brain teasers like Sudoku, all available via SPARK® Media. 


When searching for a selection of games to add to its SPARK® Media offering, the developers over at WiFi SPARK knew that the library would need to provide a selection that catered to a range of ages and interests. Predominantly featured in the healthcare sector at present, the games library will feature in a range of wards from children’s to geriatric and thus the offering needed to reflect the wide audience. Whether used for entertainment, education, brain training or something to occupy children whilst their parents talk to a doctor, the games are an easy way to beat boredom. 


Simply accessible through a guest-access WiFi connection, SPARK® Media doesn’t stop with the healthcare sector. Looking to increase dwell time at your venue? SPARK® Media works to elevate your WiFi offering and provide a stopping point for your visitors. 


When shopping with children, parents rarely get to experience a relaxed shopping trip. By introducing entertainment in the form of SPARK® Media’s new games library, you not only keep children entertained but allow their parents to spend more time exploring the store which in turn leads to a higher chance of purchase, generating revenue for you. 


Within any venue that sees its visitors stay for extended periods, such as in hospitality, holiday parks, or marinas; venues can escalate their entertainment offering with a WiFi expansion such as SPARK® Media’s games selection to provide more for their visitors.


The new games feature currently sits as part of WiFi SPARK’s Entertain package. An entirely customisable solution for any sector, Entertain allows you to develop a package that suits you and your visitors. Working in tandem with a personalised User Experience portal from which visitors can access the WiFi, you can begin to develop an experiential WiFi journey for your visitors allowing you the opportunity to market to and receive feedback from your audience.  


WiFi SPARK’s aims lie in ensuring businesses generate the most from their WiFi, advance offerings for customers, and see a return on an investment in the prioritisation of digital transformation. With SPARK® Media, these aims easily become a reality.  


With new games added to the library regularly, WiFi SPARK ensures your customers, patients and visitors can find endless enjoyment with SPARK® Media: Entertain.  


Whether you’re looking to increase dwell time in your venue, provide entertainment for guests or ensure you’re getting the most from your WiFi, read our SPARK® Media brochure below. 


SPARKⓇ Media Brochure


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