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WiFi SPARK Becomes a Member of British BIDs

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WiFi SPARK has recently become a member of British BIDs, a highly respected and long-established organisation focused entirely on Business Improvement Districts or BIDs. Through the delivery of advice and training, the membership provides access to industry leaders who together have a wealth of experience within the BID sector.

Committing to the delivery of its solution across the public sector, WiFi SPARK recognises the benefits of being members of the British BIDs community. Whether it be imparting valuable industry know-how or giving the reassurance and guidance to manage BIDs efficiently and effectively, being a member greatly prepares local authorities, companies, and stakeholders for succeeding within the sector. As the public sector has taken a huge hit recently, developing communities such as British BIDs facilitate success through mutual support as well as through the training opportunities and networking sessions available as part of the membership.

WiFi SPARK is now able to learn and grow within strong BID teams made up of seasoned BID professionals who have worked on numerous projects up and down the country as well as new starters looking to gain as much industry experience as possible. Since the reduction of networking opportunities due to the pandemic, meeting with and learning from our peers has been seen as the most important part of innovation and recovery. It is within British BIDs that WiFi SPARK will be able to further develop its solution to respond to the needs of its customers by better understanding how to reach them.

Financially, the backing of British BIDs enables companies to have confidence in their decisions. By using the community as a sounding board and developing solutions with advice from industry leaders, companies have the knowledge to make the right decisions quickly, minimising financial outlay.

WiFi SPARK’s Southern Channel Sales Manager, Matt Fabyonic, notes that “when you’re speaking to people in the BID industry, they mention British BIDs all the time, asking whether we [WiFi SPARK] are involved. They seem to be the name on everyone’s tongue. So, for me, it was less a case of why should we work with British BIDs and more a why shouldn’t we!”

BIDs are more important than ever to ensure post-covid recovery within our public spaces. With a typical annual income of between £200,000 - £600,000 BIDs are key to developing thriving public arenas that enable communities to grow and flourish whilst providing jobs and opportunities.

British BIDs ensure that the development and the retention of BIDs across the UK work in a beneficial way for all involved and showcase the most innovative public space solutions on the market to truly revive our high streets after the worst year in their history.

To see how WiFi SPARK is revolutionising BIDs with its innovative public space WiFi solution, click the banner below and download our BID brochure.


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