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No more shared magazines and newspapers? No problem!

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has been a huge catalyst for change in more ways than we ever could have imagined in January of 2020. The imperative to find digital solutions and for organisations of all shapes and sizes having to embrace a digital-first approach has been one of the more noticeable changes. 


An area that has been on the decline for a while is the concept of shared magazines and newspapers in waiting areas. Any waiting room in any organisation from hairdressers to train stations and doctor surgeries was improved by a magazine to peruse for free to help pass the time. However, the age of shared paper newspapers and magazines is well and truly behind us now. 


What is the problem with not providing magazines and newspapers? 

Unfortunately without a distraction, time does tend to pass more slowly. Bored people tend to be more likely to get irritated quickly, spot problems more readily and complain more easily. 


Fortunately, WiFi SPARK has a solution. SPARK® Media: Print is a digital service that allows people to access magazines and newspapers in digital format on their own smartphone or tablet. 


The magazines and newspapers are always up to date. They are available on the person’s own device so people will be delighted to find new content available on their own phone, which they are already so familiar with. 


All you will need is to put up a poster explaining to your guests how they access the free SPARK® Media: Print service and then relax knowing that your visitors are entertained and distracted while they wait at your venue. 


SPARK® Media: Print is already available in 20 NHS Trusts in the UK with more planning to introduce it in the coming months. In the NHS alone, if all Trusts adopt SPARK® Media: Print, we can save 2.3 billion sheets of paper a year! It will also see a cost-saving for the readers as they won’t need to purchase the paper versions of the newspapers and magazines, this will save readers in the NHS £52 million for a cost a year. 


The cost for an organisation to implement SPARK® Media: Print in their venue starts from £275 a month. No more shared or out of date newspapers and magazines. A simple, digital solution to keep visitors entertained while they way. 


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