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New Partnership Announcement – DigitalAir & WiFi SPARK

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Building successful partnerships is a key element of WiFi SPARK’s future vision. Consistently working with partners to innovate and provide value for its customers, WiFi SPARK champions these relationships and a new one has arrived. Earlier this year WiFi SPARK onboarded the Dorset-based WiFi solution experts DigitalAir Wireless.


WiFi SPARK’s Southern Channel Sales Manager, Matt Fabyonic, noted that “the attractive thing about DigitalAir Wireless is the sheer volume of experience that they bring to the table in terms of their ability to deliver tricky projects right first time – on time”. Heading up the partnership, he continued: “the professional relationships that they have with vendors and businesses alike makes it very easy to work collaboratively with the team and gives us the confidence to put projects on the table”.


About DigitalAir Wireless

DigitalAir are leading UK WiFi specialists with nearly 20 years of experience designing and integrating some of the most complex WiFi networks on the market. Their vision, at its heart, is to see one pervasive wireless network; a network that sees no boundaries or obstacles with an ‘always on’ connection to people and information.


DigitalAir believe that transforming WiFi solutions and prioritising digital innovation shouldn’t be costly or complex. With powerful, agile and cost-effective networking services and cloud platform, DigitalAir work intelligently with their customers to deploy tailored solutions.


WiFi SPARK shares the same values as DigitalAir, values based on continually striving to provide the best for their customers. DigitalAir noted that as both companies are industry leaders in their field, WiFi SPARK was the perfect partnership fit for the company and its customers. WiFi SPARK’s ”market leading portfolio of guest solutions dovetails perfectly with our existing services and solutions” said DigitalAir’s Managing Director Mark Julier.


Partnering with WiFi SPARK now enables DigitalAir to offer a superior guest solution to their customers. With the two companies working in a variety of fields including healthcare, transport and the public sector, the aim for the future is to deploy a joint solution to new and existing customers that showcases the best of what the two have to offer.


"Working with WiFi SPARK gives us the opportunity to offer more than just WiFi to our customers, and to enable them to strengthen their brand identity and engagement through the bespoke solution. Our best-in-class offering has been supercharged with this partnership and we look forward to bringing this innovation to our customers." - Mark Julier, Managing Director, DigitalAir.


Partnerships only elevate what you can offer your customers, if you’d like to find out more about WiFi SPARK partnerships or become a partner yourself, click the button below.



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