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How does WiFi SPARK champion NHS charities through it's patient engagement platform?

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WiFi SPARK’s healthcare solution was built with charities in mind. Working closely with NHS charities from across the UK, WiFi is being actively used to increase charity exposure, drive donations and generate awareness. We've had the pleasure of working with NHS charities that contribute incredibly to their Trusts and communities, providing life-saving support and funding.

Some of these charities include King's College Hospital Charity, UHNM Charity, the My Wish Charity from West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and Imperial Health Charity to name a few. You can read about our collaborations in an NHS Charity case study that shows the opportunities created by an effective patient engagement solution. To see a snapshot of these opportunities, check out the infographic below. 

Charity Infographic 

The scope for charity development is endless with WiFi SPARK. Working successfully with a number of NHS charities across the country and developing tailored solutions for each and every one of them, the WiFi SPARK team is committed to aligning to your goals and increasing your exposure whilst delivering innovative and responsive patient engagement solutions to the people who matter most; NHS patients, visitors, and staff. 

If you're looking for WiFi solutions built for your charity and its community, get in touch today. 

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