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HETT 2022 Post-Event Roundup

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Another Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) Show has passed and it was a great pleasure to exhibit and present at one of the UK's leading Healthtech and Digital Health events.

The event provided a fantastic opportunity to connect and network with healthcare industry professionals and new and current customers. Some names include Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, University Plymouth NHS Trust, West Suffolk Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust, Digital Healthcare Solutions Ltd, and many more.

WiFi SPARK team members demonstrated the capabilities of the innovative SPARK® platform including, Horizon bedside units and the Apps catalogue, which had its debut at the event.

SPARK® supports patients and staff by providing free services over the WiFi to engage, entertain, educate, and inform them as well as drive efficiencies and save costs to the NHS, but that's not all.

The SPARK® platform introduces a suite of applications suitable for patients, staff, and visitors to enrich their hospital experience.

Trusts can choose from various apps including everyday ones, to the apps provided by SPARK® such as TV, radio, games, magazines, and surveys. There are also specialist apps based on specific needs, including Electronic Meal Ordering, Electronic Observations and Electronic Patient Records.

Currently working in partnership with WiFi SPARK are three apps in particular, who also had their debut at HETT this year as they were deployed onto the SPARK® Horizon units for us to demonstrate to delegates at the show.

This blog will explain how their apps benefit both patients and staff within the NHS and why they're the perfect match for SPARK®.

  1. D.A.D
  2. Bleepa
  3. Vialma


1. D.A.D

D.A.D – the Dashboard for Accelerated Discharge, is the UK's largest and most comprehensive later-life living & elderly care directory.

D.A.D is a highly targeted communication tool allowing the Discharge Team or the patient to fill out one straightforward online assessment form, made just as simple via the app.

Based on the information provided, D.A.D filters the appropriate care and support services and sends the enquiry to every provider who matches the location, care needs, funding, and available care requirements.

Results can be received in as little as 60 minutes. This saves organisations days and sometimes weeks of actively searching for care and saves the NHS thousands of pounds per patient, estimated at £624,000 per year.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Dean Moody, adds: "Partnering with Debbie and the D.A.D product made complete sense as our app library is focused on improving the patient experience and increasing staff efficiencies within the NHS.”

You can read more about SPARK®’s partnership with D.A.D in Autumna’s blog here.


2. Bleepa

Bleepa enables medical professionals to remotely discuss clinical decisions and help deliver safer, more efficient patient care.

The app allows you to share detailed medical images such as X-ray, CT, MRI or ultrasound, maintain a clear record of all discussions, and speed up referrals or treatment decisions. Additionally, clinicians can review and annotate clinical grade imaging with Bleepa’s specially designed viewer.

This efficient and cost-effective app will help save thousands in manual administration tasks and improve response times, ultimately increasing productivity and accuracy, saving valuable time for medical staff and improving overall patient satisfaction.


3. Vialma

Vialma is a multimedia streaming service specialising in classical and jazz music, dedicated to well-being and unleashes a healing power through carefully curated playlists, backed up by scientific research.

The musical programmes focus on four different health objectives:

  • Reducing blood pressure and heart rate
  • Alleviating pain
  • Increasing mobility
  • Nurturing the bond between mother and child

Music examples include the likes of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.
Classical and jazz music can be crucial in helping patients manage their pain, allowing for the use of less pain medication for relief, and ultimately, it will be far easier to treat.



Become a Partner and Have Your App Infront of Patients and Staff Who Need Them

SPARK® is dedicated to have patients and staff in mind to provide the ultimate healthcare experience. If you a have an app like the above that would be the perfect match for our solution or simply want to have a chat with our team to discuss the exciting opportunities on offer,  get in touch by clicking below.

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